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  • Zoysia Zeon

  • Zoysia Torro 

  • Zoysia Emerald


Zeon is a breed of Zoysia. It is a beautiful turf like grass. It is thin bladed and soft to the touch! We like to say Zeon is a "luxury" grass. Zeon Zoysia grass is shade tolerant. 


The suggested mowing height for Zeon is between ½" and 1½" which means it needs to be mowed once every 2 weeks. Zeon performs great from full sun to partial shade, requiring at least 4 hours of direct sunlight.


Freshly installed grass sod should be watered daily and soaked thoroughly to a depth of 3 inches for the first two weeks to avoid dry out. Once your lawn is established we recommend to water twice a week for 15 minutes. You want to keep your sod damp. 

Watering will change according to seasons and environment.

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